Friday, November 30, 2007

Ubuntu 7.10 + mythtv

Last month I thought I would return to give Ubuntu a shot at mythtv. This time it was the new release ubuntu 7.10. Last time I tried ubuntu the drivers were so bad for my Nova-T and it was hard to setup that I gave up.

This time around though things were very different. I mainly returned to using this because I've started development on mythtv with Bill, and he suggested that we use ubuntu 7.10 as our OS for development. After setting it up on my notebook with a USB TV stick (Avermedia Vector A808) I was quite impressed at the ease and features which ubuntu 7.10 offered.

Installation was pretty simple, it consisted of these steps
1. install ubuntu
2. install mythtv package using 'sudo apg-get install mythtv' or the gui package manager
3. edit the ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt file and enter the password given to you through the setup of mythtv
4. build the mysql database by copying the command from the information box after the install of mythtv.
5. run mythtv-setup
6. run mythfrontend

This was it and it lead me to think why do we have mythbuntu at all and this seems much better than mythdora also.

Keeping everything standard makes installing software, getting help and configuring the OS much easier.

It was also easy to make ubuntu auto login and start mythfrontend.


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